It’s Complicated

When her many lovers turn up at a funeral at once, a young and unsuccessful artist’s world is about to come crashing down around her.


References: Muriel’s Wedding, Fleabag.

Megan is an unsuccessful artist who lives her love life on the edge. She’s sleeping with Tilly, a woman in love with her, her best friend’s Step-Dad, Daniel and Curtis, the potential boss she met at a job interview. Meanwhile, not even noticing Adam, her workmate, who’s been in love with her for ages.

She’s under pressure. Her cold as fish mother, Anna, is trying to get Megan to get a proper job, her best friend Jemma is living off of her love stories, her brother Harry is busy dating a bimbo and her Mum’s best friend, the elderly Leonard is farting for England.

Her chickens may be coming home to roost when her lovers turn up at the same funeral at once. Her carefully managed life is about to fall apart.

Will she get away with it, will she find true love and will she submit to the pressure society puts on her to conform?

A death in the family brings it all into perspective and threatens to expose her reckless life. 

A coming of age comedy-drama about modern living, modern loving and how fate always comes to get you in the end.


Winner – Best Screenplay                     –               The Changing Face International Film Festival, 2019