Radio Drama

Radio Drama is a real love of mine! There is a truly wonderful company called Big Finish who do a lot of this and hopefully one day they will let me write for them!
I helped write a couple of episodes of Endurance, a 6 part character-driven audio sci-fi drama with Brendan Sheppard, Justin Parsons and others. It was great fun and I loved it – it was my first script-writing job. 

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Radio drama is such a great medium to write for and again, is very different as you can’t see anything so the characters need to speak in a different way to describe what they are seeing, smelling etc…  
Endurance is a wonderful piece of work, that is no longer available, sadly.
Making audio drama is one thing, but selling it without a lot of money, is something else. I hope one day it will appear somewhere. It was reviewed in Starburst magazine and they loved it.
I hope to work in radio again, it taught me so much about writing and I got to work with some great writers.