Television Screenplays

Writing for television is a real skill and I am lucky to have had some great tutors. It is much more collaborative in it’s nature as you are often bringing someone else’s story to life. But also, you need to know how to write for television. The pacing, the structure is less fluid, much tighter than in film. 
I’m currently working on some seriously BIG projects… I can’t talk openly about them at the moment, but they change the game for me as a writer so I’m really excited to get to the day where I can mention it. 
But I do have 2 TV series available if you would like to make one. Go on, you know you want to… grab them now whilst they are cheap! 

Funny ha ha. The terror of writing comedy.

Oh... we had a laugh... didn't we? We all have our favourite films, don't we? My comedy favourite is Planes ...
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Just do what you can. That’s enough.

So it's fair to say that I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front since the first lockdown began ...
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The Dog Walker’s Club

A lonely elderly widow tries to find her place in a small English village, after the death of her husband, ...
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A young woman survives against the odds in a world ravaged by a fatal virus that wipes out 99% of ...
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