Touch Gloves

Co-written with Velton J Lishke

After saving him from being mugged, a homeless, black, Muslim man, joins forces with a racist ex-boxing trainer to try and conquer the underground boxing scene.


References: Million Dollar baby, Creed, Journeyman, Jawbone

Lenny retired from boxing training on the underground scene, after the death of his brother, Jimmy fifteen years ago at the hands of Tony @The Meat’ Malone. Lenny is an old fashioned British narrow minded racist, but after being saved from a mugging by Samuel, a young black Muslim homeless man, he decided to help him get off the streets.

Samuel is homeless after returning home from an stint in the army in the missile east. His Dad had disowned him and with nowhere to go, Samuel ended up homeless. But in the army he learnt to box. 

But the boxing scene is run by Malky McBryant, a tough Scottish gangster that owns a rival gym. He fixes matches and there’s consequences for anyone who defies him. He recognises Samuel’s talent and offers him a chance to fight his own boxing champion, Tommy Black, a ruthless boxer that uses any means to win. But in order to get to Tommy, Samuel must beat six hardened journeymen.

Touch Gloves is more than just another boxing movie, it’s a gritty tale of how people who are broken can bring out the best in each other and heal divisions of race, sex, religion and differing backgrounds and rise to the top of what they do.


TOUCH GLOVES – Feature Screenplay (To Be Produced by V-Pac Productions 2020)


Winner – Best Social Screenplay             –                Best Global Shorts International  Film Festival, 2020

Winner – Best Screenplay                         –                 The Monthly Film Festival, 2019

Winner – Best Screenplay                         –                 CKF International Film Festival, 2019

Winner – Best Screenplay                         –                 Indie Visions Film Festival, 2019

2nd Place – Best Screenplay                      –                 Feel The Reel International Film Festival, 2019