He writes… he acts… he makes a mean green curry…

So I’ve had quite a few requests from people who use my writing site, to see some of my acting stuff too! Well here you go, for what it’s worth – this is my acting showreel and a few links to my acting things!

I mean I have to do something when not writing, right? I LOVE acting – people ask which I prefer but I can honestly say I love doing both – why should I chose?

I also get asked of I prefer stage or film/TV but same answer – I LOVE both, each is very different and being on stage is a magical experience… the intensity of acting on camera however, is so much fun and so challenging. I’m lucky to work in such a varied industry. Oh and I make mean green curry too.

Click the video for a quick look.


https://www.spotlight.com/1713-5614-7356 (Spotlight Actor Link)

https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6680060/ My IMDB Profile