Past Tents starring David J Keogh, Seth Jones and Mark Keegan

The 5 star rated play I co-wrote with the brilliant Seth Jones is going on a UK tour – there are 6 venues announced and a few others we hope coming soon. We hope to see you at one of them (Ticket details below).

Joining us on this journey is the always hilarious and lovely Mark Keegan, who once again plays Virgil in our play and frankly, steals most of the laughs (Git).

The play is a comedy about two men (The irritable Alan, played by Seth & Justin, the annoying over-friendly neighbour, played by yours truly) stuck on a campsite next to each other for one very long night, with only the eccentric campsite owner Virgil (Played By Mark Keegan) and a load of potentially dangerous sheep (yes, sheep) for company.

The play centers around Alan and Justin – two men who (like many men) struggle to talk about the things that matter – but tonight on this campsite in the middle of nowhere, all that will change.

Justin and Alan are complex characters who clash from the first moment to the last – forced on each other on a night that will change their lives forever. Of course, many things may not be as they seem and we soon fins out that both of them have secrets…

Seth and I love writing about people who are stuck with other people – My love of comedy comes from Trains Planes and Automobiles (Arguably still the best road-trip comedy ever written, starring John Candy and Steve Martin) and Seth’s love of comedy from Only Fools And Horses. John Sullivan’s knack of creating the perfect comedy set-ups is legendary. Combined, Past Tents gives you a non-stop laugh-a-minute ridiculous story – but with a heart.

Feedback from previous shows has been incredible and we had an amazing 5 start run before the pandemic – but the play has been updated, improved and made even funnier – and sadder – than last time. The play is also in the memory of one of Seth’s friends, Sean Smith, who sadly took his own life recently. We want to encourage men (and everyone else) to talk more about the things affecting them – but we also want to make you all laugh at the same time – something Sean would really have have appreciated.

We’re really very proud of our play and cannot wait to share it with you. The Men’s Mental Health charity, ManUp? is also onboard too – supporting men’s mental health across the UK. We hope to see you there!


Chesham – Elgiva Theatre – 30th June –


Gosport – St Vincent College – 1st Sept –


Bristol – Alma Tavern Theatre – 5th-9th Sept –https://www.tickettailor.com/events/almatheatrecompany/872562?

Salford – Kings Arms – 14th & 15th Sept


London – The Brockley Jack – 26th – 30th Sept


Kent – Penshurst Village Hall – 14th Oct


I.O.W. – Anthony Minghella Theatre – 20th & 21st Oct



When Alan‘s (Seth Jones) car crashes in the middle of nowhere, he hopes his bad day (which started with his wife leaving him) can’t get any worse… and of course it does. After trudging through the muddy countryside, he comes across a campsite, run by the rather eccentric Virgil (Mark Keegan). With no other options and no signal on his phone, he has no choice but to stay the night. Unfortunately for Alan, there’s only one plot left, situated in-between a doggy-poo bin and the rather annoying Justin (David J. Keogh).

Justin is everything Alan despises – a positive family man with his life completely in control… or is he? Because things are not what they seem and as the tension builds between the men, they start to reveal their true selves… with hilarious and rather unfortunate consequences.

‘Past Tents’ is the story of two desperate people at the end of their tent ropes, forced into each other’s company. It’s about life, death and how people really need to talk more about the things they are going through. The play is also supported by Man Up? – the men’s mental health charity. 

A funny, dark and moving comedy which contains adult themes and language – recommended 16 plus.

Cast: Seth Jones, David J. Keogh & Mark Keegan.                   Directed by Seth Jones & David Keogh

Written By: David J. Keogh and Seth Jones    


***** “Perfectly pitched…Overall this is a well-acted and scripted comedy that runs smoothly has some laugh out loud lines and slapstick moments, mixed amongst some more serious and thought-provoking moments. A good piece of off west end theatre that I could easily see playing in an intimate west end venue. Excellent.”

**** “’Past Tents’ is a play that deserves to tour nationwide, it is accessible but leaves you with something to discuss over a drink. It is easy to see why Keogh and Jones are award winning writers and their work demands a wider audience. An absolutely stunning piece of theatre. “


***** “A Funny and allegorical play about loss”
(Audience Club – Sam MacDonald)

***** “ A very funny and hilarious play that brings two men forced to spend the night with each other on a run down campsite. Good performances from the cast of three!!!”

***** “From someone who has spent many hours in theatres wishing I was an Isis hostage instead I have to admit that this was a piece of work you should be really proud of. Very funny and emotionally challenging, congratulations to everyone involved”

David Edgar, Producer and Writer, Star TV

Audience Comments and online quotes: 

**** “A most interesting production and highly amusing in parts – with some good twists -The three actors put their hearts and souls into the play with gusto.”

(Audience Club -Margot Libbey Kibbey)

“Fantastic performance. It grips you till the clever twist at the end. Thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend seeing the play.”

“Such a funny and well acted play! can’t wait for the next one in the series”

“Very funny and witty, with hidden depths. Lovely work all round. Congratulations to all”