5 strangers wake in a small cottage in the middle of nowhere. Their memories of how they got there, wiped and the only clue is a note saying ‘Don’t Go Outside’. Then a knock at the door forces them to make a decision that starts to kill them one-by-one.


Haunted houses are scary at the best of time, but when you wake up in one, amongst strangers, with note telling you not to go outside, things can only get better. But that’s not what happens in horror films is it? 5 strangers strapped in the house, weird visions and scary noises and a knock at the door. Should they open the door and see what’s there, or should they stay inside and wait for the heavy fog to lift?

Eventually, tempted to go out, the strangers encounter nightmares that slowly start to kill them. But something isn’t right. They’ve done this before. More than once. Unable to recollect fully, they have to live the same experience over and over again until they can find a way to defeat the malevolent force that’s keeping them trapped and repeating their murders over and over again.

And is it possible that it’s one of them? Things are not all they seem.

A classic single location horror tale with a storytelling twist that will appeal to fans of ‘Would You Rather’ ‘Insidious’ and ‘The Cabin In The Woods’.


Winner, Best Screenplay                            –                 The Peep Hole International Film Festival, 2019

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