Christmas Bloody Christmas

My new screenplay, written with Alice Wells.

Here is my new Christmas Horror Screenplay, written with Alice Wells.


1980 – A malevolent virus plagues tourists and locals, trapped on a remote U.S. fishing island, during a violent Christmas Eve snowstorm.


The Thing, Gremlins, Jaws – classic 80’s horror.


It’s 1980. The island of Destitution is overrun by violent feral slimers – people infected with a strange green virus that got to the island via the sunken cargo of a doomed Russian cargo boat.  Locals and tourists battle to survive as the island is subsumed by the slimer plague – relationships are tested, formed and broken as people fight to live through one hell of a bloody Christmas.

‘Christmas, Bloody Christmas’, is a diverse, original, dark, bloody and utterly terrifying, retro 1980’s style, U.S. horror screenplay, with the terror of John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’; the rounded characters and patient build-up of Stephen Spielberg’s’ ‘Jaws’; and the dark Christmas horror humour of Joe Dante’s ‘Gremlins’.  It’s sometimes humorous, dark, retro, bloody and terrifying and guaranteed to become a classic.

This Christmas, however, will not end well. For anyone.

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