Stuart’s life is a mess. No job, girlfriend, no future and crippling ADHD. A forgotten invitation to his mother’s 50th birthday leads to a journey that will change his life and reunite him with his estranged father. 


References: Submarine, The Perks Of being a Wallflower.

A comedy drama about a character who struggles to deal with AHDH. Stuart moved to London to find a job, but things are not working out how he expected. Rejection fills his every day when a surprise call from his beloved uncle, reminds home to come back home in the north of England to celebrate his Mum’s birthday.

He travels up north and meets a girl – she might be the key to changing his fortunes. But just as gets comfortable, tragedy strikes and his uncles dies. Stuart is devastated and tries to make sense of his heart break, while navigating past his terminally angry older sister and a pursuant, very odd landlord, Barry, that has followed him up north in the belief that Stuart’s his best friend.

Just when things can’t get worse, his erstwhile father turns up on the scene and throws a literal grenade into proceedings.

Clouds is a comedy drama in the vein of Scott Pilgrim V’s The World and About A Boy. Full of laughs and heart rendering moments, it’s a story about coping with mental illness, dealing with loss and longing and how we are all more capable of becoming more than we think we deserve to be. 



Winner – Best Screenplay                          –                 Birmingham International Film Festival, 2017

Finalist – Best Screenplay                           –                 Feel The Reel International Film Festival, 2018

Semi-Finalist – Best Screenplay             –                 The Monthly Film Festival, 2017