The Happy End Inn

After a heist, a group of criminals, head to a remote Inn in Devon to lay low. But the house, the owners and the guests have some dark secrets as people start to die.


References: Snatch, Lock Stock, Jennifer’s Body, Crimson peak, From Dusk Till Dawn,

Pops is the leader of a gang that performs a heist in a bank, then escapes into the country with a young hostage, Stacey, on scooters. Pops is ruthless, brutal and backed up by his deputy, Jonas, he isn’t to be crossed.

Brian is a reluctant member of the group and does it only because he needs the money desperately, but when innocent people die in the heist, he realises he’s in too deep.  His brother Shaun is also part of the group but they don’t get on.

When they get to the Inn they are staying at, the owners appear very welcoming and friendly, as do the other guests.

But one by one the guests start to die, seemingly murdered by their lovers or the person they most desire. The house is populates by a Succubus, an ancient demon that uses sex to subvert the minds if her victims, convincing them to kill each other.

Succubus is a brutal British horror film, that invokes the best of British Crime dramas and the sexiness of the best US horror films.


Winner- Best Screenplay                           –                 The Horror Bowl Movie Awards, 2020